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Ever Need a Little

Extra Help?

Most companies do. Whether it's providing on-site administration of your systems, training new staff or evaluating and building your computing infrastructure, let us use our years of on-site, hands-on experience to provide the extra help you need for short or long-term periods.

  • On Site

    Monson Technologies provides database, network and system administration contract consultants to backfill your current staff, train new staff or act as on-site administrators. The services provided are accepted database, network and system administration practices you may have used in the past, but with the added value of the knowledge base our staff has accrued through years of on-site, hands-on experience.

    As your systems are stabilized, we encourage migrating your program to one of our remote administration services, as this will provide the same high quality of service at an affordable, predictable flat monthly rate.

  • Evaluate

    MTi provides on-site database, system and network evaluations to help clients better understand their computing infrastructure. Our evaluations cover key issues such as: security, performance and storage and backup methodologies. The resulting documentation will include: Health report, including: whether system components are stable, current and compatible with each other; evaluation of the system kernel parameters, memory usage and allocation, initialization parameters, etc.

    Security report, including: evaluation of passwords, object permissions, points of access, and user privileges and responsibilities.
    Whether the system, network and database layouts are optimal for your company's particular situation.
    Whether database, system and network parameters are set within reasonable limits to take best advantage of existing hardware and software resources.
    Suggestions for the most cost-effective solutions for upgrading weak links in your current architecture.

  • Design

    MTi staff members have extensive experience in the fields of database, system and network design along with application implementation.
    Some of the services MTi provides are:

    • Database design including ER-diagrams
    • Network design
      • WAN interconnections (leased lines and frame relay)
      • LAN infrastructure (routing, switching, and client/server segmentation)
      • VPN deployment
      • Internet connectivity, including BGP routing
    • Network infrastructure
      • DNS/BIND architecture
      • SMTP mailhubs and POP/IMAP servers
      • File servers (NFS and SMB)
      • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
      • User authentication: RADIUS, TACACS+ and Kerberos
    • Systems architecture
      • Protocol design and review
      • Security analysis
      • Custom C/C++/Perl development